Pay to Play Fees

OSAA sponsored sports are:

  • Fall:  Football, volleyball, cross country, boys soccer, and girls soccer
  • Winter:  Boys basketball, girls basketball, wrestling and swimming
  • Spring:  Track, baseball, softball, boys golf, girls golf, boys tennis, and girls tennis
  • OSAA sponsored activities are Band, Choir, Speech & Debate and Cheer

$150.00 per season for Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Wrestling, Track, Baseball, and Softball.  Reduced lunch cost is $100.00 and free lunch is $50.00.

$100.00 per season for Cross Country, Swimming, Tennis, Golf, Speech & Debate, Band and Choir; Reduced lunch cost is $50.00 and free lunch is $25.00.

$75.00 per season for Cheer; Reduced lunch cost is $50.00 and free lunch is $25.00.  Cheer try-outs are done in the spring for the following Fall & Winter seasons.

Students pay for the first 2 sports/activities and the third one is free.  There is also a $600.00 family cap per school per school year.

There will be NO REFUND for any student that decides to quit after two weeks of a sports season.  A pro-rated refund will be negotiated for any athlete that has a season-ending injury. 

Student Sports Payments