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B.A. Interdisciplinary studies – Western Oregon University85 additional graduate credits in education pedagogy

Teaching Since: 1995
Educational Philosophy:
It is among the greatest of gifts to share knowledge, and among the noblest pursuits to continuously strive to impart said gifts.  My life is in part dedicated to the sharing of knowledge via teaching and I LOVE IT!  I believe students should be challenged and inspired daily by interacting with appropriate, engaging, and relevant content and instructors to help them grow within an academic area, interpersonally, and globally as a member of the world-wide community.  I hope that I may touch the lives of my students as much as they have touched my own.

Other Interests:
When not enveloped in the world of teaching, I seek other adventures.  Any outdoor sport with an adrenaline component is fair game, but of late I gravitate to the following:Surf, mt. bike, alpine ski (but just the pow days), nordic (skate and classic), wake board, wake surf, wake skate, wind surf, swim, yoga, and weights.

Books are necessary to feed my mind and I do strum my guitar now and again.  I love to cook and I love to eat even more.  And I’d rather eat other people’s good cooking than my own…  🙂

Travel is essential for me and I try to get off the mainland and into the tropics as often as I can.