Senior Portraits

Seniors portraits must be:

1. The top of the head must be at least 1/4 inch from the top of the photograph.
2. Face Size: one inch from the top of the forehead (hair root) to the bottom of the chin. If the head is too big it will go out of the photo frame. Too small, and you will not be noticeable amongst the pages of portraits.
3. Basic frontal or 3/4 view required. Your face should be visible. No hats may be worn.
4. Background: needs to not be distracting.
5. We will not accept: glamour shots, low-cut dresses, or double images.
6. No hats, animals, or props for the pictures.
7. Please, no full body pictures. When cropping is done, the head is smaller than one inch and photo clarity decreases.
8. Photos will not be used if too grainy, blurry, pixilated, or low contrast. Do not try to use photos taken from sources like Instagram or Facebook; they will be grainy or pixilated.
For digital submission: 300dpi and jpeg format—this means your photo file size is 3MB-5MB if it’s a 2″x3″ wallet at 600-900ppi. File name must be lastname_firstname
Please submit senior portraits to our portal, which will upload it directly to the yearbook. Go to and click on Upload a Student Portrait.