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Music infused and 60s-inspired, this updated classic French  farce tells the story of a rich hypochondriac, his hipster household, and the quacks who are only too happy to mistreat him.  Featuring hospital humor, medical slapstick and PG-level punning, the Imaginary Invalid has been proving that for nearly 400 years that laughter is truly the best medicine.

The Imaginary Invalid Performances: Friday, November 21 @ 7 PM; Saturday, November 22 @ 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM
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In advance (online): $10 Adults, $8 seniors, $5 K-12 students. At the door tickets also available for $12 Adults, $10 Seniors, and $5.00 Students

Overview: The Panther Theatre Company (Redmond High School’s theatre troupe) will present a music-infused, 60’s-inspired version of Moliere’s classic, The Imaginary Invalid, November 12-15 at the Redmond High School auditorium. This adaptation of the classic French farce, adapted by Oded Gross and Tracy Young for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in 2011, is sure to remind audiences that laughter is truly the best play_imaginary_invalid_smallmedicine. Directed by Hilda Beltran Wagner, with production support from Rachel Sarrett and vocal coaching by Russ Seaton, the play features an ensemble of 30 RHS students bringing to life a pop-music score and a non-stop retro-romp of groan-inducing puns, sight-gags, slapstick, and a surprisingly sincere message about finding life’s joys. Set in the 1960’s, this adaptation embraces Moliere’s brilliantly satirical look at the medical profession through a script that appeals equally to the heart and the funny bone. In The Imaginary Invalid, Argan (senior Sayre Grant) is the model of perfect health…except for the fact that he thinks he’s chronically ill. And what with rising medical costs, it only makes sense he should see his daughter well married – preferably to a doctor – in order to keep his excessive treatment expenses to a minimum. The idea meets opposition, particularly from his sassy servant Toinette (junior Sierra Sterrett), when it becomes clear that his daughter’s affections lie elsewhere. Soon the entire household is involved in an elaborate, uproarious plot to protect Argan from his quack doctors and to restore his belief in true love.