Construction Technology

Jobs in Construction Technology involve designing, planning, managing, building, and maintaining the built environment.  The construction program includes all the jobs involved in actual construction, from demolition to building construction.

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  • Construction Technology 2 (1)
  • Construction Technology 3 (1)
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Explore the Construction Technology program

Do you enjoy creating or building structures?
Are you good at visualizing concepts and ideas? 

Are you good at precision measuring and designing?
Would you like to work with hand tools and electrical tools?

Can you plan and lay out woods projects that involve sketches or design?
Do you enjoy learning about and using new technology? 

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, perhaps you would be a good candidate for a job in the Construction Technology program. Imagine yourself in one of these jobs:

  • Construction worker
  • Demolition worker
  • Equipment operator
  • Floor covering installer
  • Cabinet maker
  • Finish carpenter
  • Painter
  • Lather
  • CNC operator
  • Inspector
  • And more!