Student Assistants/Leadership

Office Assistant

Course#: SA900SEL

Length & Credit: 1 trimester/.5 credit/Elective (P/NP)

Grade(s): 11, 12

Prerequisites: On track to graduate

The course provides students with an opportunity to develop general office skills and develop proficiency in the use of copy machines, filing, and office duties with the Athletic, Attendance, Counseling, Student Management and other offices. Personal work habits and behaviors that contribute to positive working relationships between the student and his/her supervisor are stressed. Students much have excellent attendance, demonstrate confidentiality, and answer the phone when needed.

Classroom Assistant

Course#: SA925SEL

Length & Credit: 1 trimester/.5 credit/Elective (P/NP)

Grade(s): 11, 12

Pre-Requisites: On track to graduate

This program provides students with the opportunity to assist in classroom activities and preparation. The service the student may provide is dictated by the nature of the class and the students served.

Advanced Leadership A, B & C

Course#: MD351SEL1/MD351SEL2/MD351SEL33

Length & Credit: 3 trimester/1.5 credit/Elective

Grade(s): 11, 12

Prerequisites: Elected ASB, Class Senators & Class Representatives

This course is designed for students to develop and build leadership skills by actively creating and participating in school functions and school improvement as well as taking part in community service.