Marine Corps JROTC

Courses: Level 1: MI101SSA1, MI101SSA2, MI101SSA3

Level 2: MI102SSA1, MI102SSA2, MI102SSA3

Level 3: MI103SSA1, MI103SSA2, MI103SSA3

Level 4: MI104SSA1, MI104SSA2, MI104SSA3

Length & Credit: 3 trimesters per level/1.5 credit per level/SL-Arts-CT

Grade(s): 9, 10, 11, 12

Prerequisites: None (must complete each level in order)

This program is designed to instill in students a strong sense of honor, personal responsibility, citizenship and service to community and country. It prepares high school students for the responsibilities and privileges as American citizens. The program promotes high academic achievement and provides instruction and rewarding opportunities that will benefit the student, community and nation. Students are required to participate in progressive physical training which includes instruction on health, wellness and nutrition as well as warm-up, stretching, exercise and physically challenging activities. Marksmanship is an integral part of the curriculum. Students will learn Drill and Ceremonies and will be offered the opportunity to perform in public as a member of a color guard or Ceremonial drill team. MCJROTC is not intended to steer students into choosing a military career. All cadets are members of the Cadet Corps. The Marine Corps provides all uniforms that the Cadets will be required to wear one day each week. Cadets must abide by the grooming standards of the program. Cadets are required to have an annual sports physical. Cadets will also be expected to train, become familiar with, and run all technical theatre equipment during school based activities.