Work Experience/Health Occupations

Work Experience

Course #: CT906SEL

Length & Credit: up to 120 hours 1st cr & 90 hours w 4 full cr/.5 credit/Elective

Grade(s):  10, 11,12

Prerequisites: 16 years old

This course consists of a pre-existing student job that integrates work site experience with academic learning and career development. It is an opportunity to gain employment skills while connecting work with learning at school. To qualify as a school-to-work experience, duties of employed students usually must be planned specifically to ensure work-based learning is meaningful. It involves a contract between the student, employer and the school.

Sports Medicine Work Experience

Course #: MD329SEL

Length & Credit: 1 trimester/.5 credit/Elective

Grade(s): 11, 12

Prerequisites: Instructor Approval

This course students will use skills learned in Sports Medicine and work with athletes under the supervision of the certified Athletic Trainer.

Health Occupations Practicum

Course #: HE200CEL

Length & Credit: 1 trimester/.5 credit/Elective

Grade(s): 11, 12

Prerequisites: Teacher Recommendation, Application, and valid driver’s license, $40 fee

This course includes clinical rotations at St. Charles of Redmond, ILS Department, and other health care providers. The students will be HIPPA trained and have to take a Tuberculosis screening test. Students need to have a valid driver’s license, maintain current car insurance and have access to transportation to their rotations.