Internship Opportunities

We have fantastic internship opportunities throughout Central Oregon. Our Internship Coordinator, John Charles with Youth Career Connect works with students to craft resumes and practice interview skills to match them with the right internship opportunity.

These are great to explore career opportunities and even get paid while you do it!  Check the website below for a sample of all of the opportunities that are already out there.  If there is not an internship in your area of interest, JC will work to get you one! (then click internships)

*Youth Career Connect provides resources & support for employers, students, and educators throughout the entire internship process.

For more information visit the RHS Career Center or your School Counselor.

Health Occupations 

Health Occupations is a course offered at RHS to students interested in the health field. This course includes rotations at St. Charles Redmond, ILS Department, and other health care providers. The students will be HIPPA Trained and have to take a Tuberculosis screening test. Student’s need to have a valid driver’s license, maintain current car insurance, and have access to transportation to their rotations.

This course requires an application and has limited capacity.

For more information about Health Occupations contact:

Kris Davis
School Counselor
541-923-4800 ext. 1723

Work Experience Opportunities

AT RHS we value the skills that students develop on the job and recognize the time they dedicate outside of school. Students can benefit their work experience and get high school credit as well. Work Experience credit is earned at the rate of .5 credit for 120 hours worked. A total of two (2.0) ELECTIVE credits may be earned.

*Additional guidelines and requirements for credits are required.

For more information about these opportunities, and guidelines contact:

Sophia Jensen
School Counselor
541-923-3440 or 923-4800 ext. 2023