Football Coaches & Schedules

Seth Womack

Head Varsity Football Coach

Daquan Brown

JV Football

Freshman Football Coach

Volleyball Coaches & Schedules

Katie Karcher

Varsity Volleyball Coach

Jare Huycke

JV Volleyball Coach

Bri Hewson

JV2 Volleyball Coach

Soccer Coaches & Schedules

Scott Lee

Mens Varsity Soccer Coach

Martha Segura

Women's Varsity Soccer Coach

TJ Thrasher

Mens Assistant Soccer Coach

Gayle Tompkins

Women's JV Soccer Coach

Cross Country | Cheer Coaches and Schedules

Melissa Conley

Cross Country Coach

Cindy Baumgartner

Varsity Cheer Coach

Tim Conley

Assistant Cross Country Coach

Jenna Meinig

Varsity Assistant Coach




JV Cheer Coach

Reagan Gilbertson

Men's Varsity Basketball Coach

Angela Capps

Women's Varsity Basketball Coach

Nathan Saito

Men's JV Basketball Coach

Jim Markham

Women's Varsity Assistant Coach

Johnny Wilson

Men's Freshman Basketball Coach


Women's JV Basketball Coach

Basketball Coaches & Schedules

Wrestling | Swim Coaches and Schedules

Kris Davis

Varsity Wrestling Coach

Denise Maich

Swim Coach

Rob Spear

Freshman/Sophomore Wrestling Coach

Jaz Halberstadt

Swim Coach

Baseball | Softball Coaches and Schedules

Stan Manley

Men's Varsity Baseball Coach

Joey Jacinto

Women's Varsity Softball Coach

Nate Aeschliman

Men's JV Baseball Coach

Darren Kosanke

Women's JV Softball Coach


Men's Varsity Assistant Coach


Mercedes Cook

Women's Varsity Assistant Coach

Golf | Tennis | Track & Field Coaches and Schedules

Tim Conley

Varsity Track Coach

Kelli Tusow

Women's Tennis Coach

Melissa Conley

Assistant Track Coach

Kevin Story

Men's Varsity Golf Coach

Nathan Saito

Men's Tennis Coach

Jeff Roundtree

Women's Varsity Golf Coach